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Letter from VP Communications

Dear Alumni,

As an undergraduate chapter, we would like to thank you for assisting us during this period of rapid growth. At nearly every roadblock, we have consistently been able to rely on you for counsel and support. It is our mission to continue to build this chapter up to its former glory and redefine what a top A&M fraternity looks like. As we continue to grow, we plan on creating more opportunities to get you involved and give you another family to visit whenever you wind up at Texas A&M. With each step we take, we aim to make you proud, to honor the traditions you’ve set, and to expand upon the foundation you’ve laid. Your connection to this fraternity is invaluable, and we’re eager to nurture a stronger bond with you as we continue to develop. Through shared events, mentorship opportunities, open dialogue, and philanthropy partnerships, we hope to further intertwine the past, present, and future of SigEp Texas Mu, ensuring a legacy that lasts for generations. VDBL!

– Robert Longo ’26